Saturday, August 14, 2010

Some of my Favorite Things, Part II

I went for my run this morning and got to thinking about some of the things I really enjoy--like finding that perfect shirt or when a song that really speaks to you comes on....

I stumbled across a website today that I could spend probably my entire paycheck at (the whole $12 of it): Ruche. Here are a few items I especially adore.

I really came close to ordering the above blouse. I went through the checkout and everything, but I kept myself from sending it on through since I have propane to order this paycheck. Hot water or this shirt? It was a tough call. Someone please by it (only one left) before I change my mind!
This shirt is also gorgeous, but sold out so no temptation there. I still love to look at it, though....

Then there's this ring. I'm not a big jewelry gal, but this ring really speaks to me. It's also sold out, so thank goodness no temptation, but I love everything about it: the darkness of the heart juxtaposed with the liveliness of the antique gold swirls, the vintage quality, and the romantic feel to it. It's perfect.

The prices are actually quite reasonable, which makes it even harder not to go ahead and order a few items that I really love. But I'll be good. I'll obstain. But I can't make that same promise for next months' budget :)

I also love the store Anthropologie. I have a couple of kitchen items that I especially adore from there--an overly-expensive red enamel coated collander, and a ceramic decorative juicer. Not only does this store have great household items, but they have especially cute clothes as well, like this little blouse:

I'm tempted to see if this one is still available later on.... It's so fresh and cute, and a little dark so completely appropriate for Indian Summer :)

Here's the song that I spoke of.... I hear it every once in a while and I love it. It's so simple and beautiful and very, very true.

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