Thursday, August 19, 2010

Western Pleasure

I realized that some people who read my blog (the two or three of you out there :) might not have ever been to a horse show before. Or you might have gone to one a long time ago but aren't sure of the current trends. Or you might just own horses and never have shown. Or you might not have ever seen a horse in person in your entire life.

If that last part is true then immediately get yourself to your nearest stable. Even if you only try it once, being around a horse is an experience that must be had.

In any case, I figured I'd post an example (and what, in my humble opinion is an excellent example) of a finished Western Pleasure show horse. This is what Paula and I are working towards:

Training a horse to this level takes a great deal of work, talent, patience, time, and work. We might never get to this level, but this is what Paula and I are working for.

Western Pleasure has earned a bad name because many people try to take shortcuts and they end up with horses that lack forward motion and true gaits. This horse has obviously been well-trained to carry herself correctly. She is slow, relaxed, collected, and above all, has a good attitude about her work. I love this horse, and only hope that some day Paula and I will be out there in the arena, in our attempt to emulate this ideal.


Sydney_bitless said...

Thats a great horse to model Paula after. Indigo is too spooky and forward to be a western pleasure horse. If she were younger she would make an excellent reining horse. Shes also great with cows.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, this is awesome isn't it? I saw her win this and I know new horse almost looks like this. I can't wait to get all together with will get there with Paula...she looks like she has the right moves....the only thing I can say is IT IS ADDICTING. Good luck and have fun. Donna

Jessie McCandless said...

Sydney, thanks--I think so, too! It sure looks like Indigo can do anything, though. I still need to visit with you about some tips to get Paula started with a cart as well! :)

Donna, did you really see her winning run? This is just an incredible team--I think it would put a tear in my eye as well. This is exactly how I'd love Paula to move. I cringe at some of those mechanical-sidewinders that I see so much of, but this gives me hope that the truly great movers can win :) Hope to see more of you with your new horse!!! Maybe we can meet up at a show some day. Hopefully!!! :)